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This self-critique is an important part of your project (and grade) and reflects the learning process you went through. You self-critique narrative should include these four main areas of discussion:

A) Impact and Intent- how did you want to affect your audience?
1. On a scale of 1-10, what was the story's overall impact?
 I think the stories overall impact is an 8, you do not connect emotionally with the view, but you do relate to her circumstance. This is a better outcome for me.

2. What did the story leave you thinking?

 What is going to do next with her "picketing time"?

3. What did it leave you feeling? 
It left me feeling satisfied with the character at the end, a semi-happy feeling. She ends the film more confident. 

4. Discuss the source of the main idea that you started with and its importance to you. 

What I started was the effects of judging a person before you know them, and that a similar situation like that comes back around to you to teach you a lesson.

5.Discuss the Theme or premise of the piece as you discovered it after finishing the film.

 After the film, I came with a new theme about being satisfied with yourself regardless of others.   

B) Clarity of Tension/Main Conflict

1. How clear was the story? Could you see all the scenes equally clearly in my mind's eye, or were some hazy?

 The story comes together as its own solid piece. The scenes relate, to each other.

2. What parts could you easily and pleasurably retell, and what parts are difficult to recall?

I think whatever does not have dialog stands out, pretty strong. 

C) Potential

1. Does the story feel complete?

 The story feels complete but could probably use a few details that could aid the message. This might be a result of what was actually captured but with what we do have, I feel strong in my shot choices, though I feel maybe a few more would do.

2. On a scale of 1-10, rate each scene. Are they all functioning to full potential?

Scene I Morning
Scene II Picket
Scene III New Day
Scene IV Home with Jeff
Scene V Resolution
3. Which elements were strong, which were weak?
 The in-between conversations tend to lag a little bit at the beginning, but it later pulls itself together. 

D) Feedback-- Discuss “What you want to learn to do better.”
1. Report what is working well, and what is not.

I feel my audio is working well and well as my shots in the beginning.  I think that middle gets a little funky, but it picks itself back up in the beginning. Honestly, I feel that the story is becomes more about the everyday life of this girl until she argues with a group member. This I like, it is not the original script, but it is interesting.

2. Suggest what might clarify and strengthen whatever is weak.

I want to improve more on relating shots together, and also I feel like I can grow more in the audio department. Im pretty confident in my sound transitions and how I managed to pull if off, but I found areas that could use improvement and would maybe require a secondary program. A goal of mine, probably for the summer, to learn about some audio programs and go past the basics.

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