Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Demo Reel Breakdown

Aminah deVere
Demo Breakdown Sheet

1. Don't you Gnomey?

Hand drawn Animation
Animated the morph between main character and gnome along with end transition.

2. JellyFish

Adobe Photoshop 
Hand drawn Animation
Drew and Textured the jellyfish. Also drew each stage of the jellyfish's movement.

3. Square Zone

Adobe Photoshop
Hand drawn Animation

4. Watercolour

Adobe AfterEffects + Photoshop
Composed Paths for shapes.
Animated Morphing.

5. PaperLand

Adobe AfterEffects + Photoshop + Illustrator

Hand drew background composed in Adobe Illustrator
Created rough edges for the reveal in Adobe Illustrator
Layered background together in Adobe Photoshop
Animated reveal in Adobe AfterEffects

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