Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Elevator Pitch -
Theme - Man vs Self
Explanation of Theme -
Central Point - When a persons becomes focused on making other people happy, he comes a silhouetted shadowed figure on a quest to find what makes him happy in life.
Central Goal -
Abstract Terms - The film is about becoming so caught up in keeping other people happy that you loose what is important to you. When this happens the character turns into his shadow
Care -
About -

Synopsis: This is a story about losing who you actual are to the world
Place - Attic / Basement / In the City At Night
Time - Evening and Night
Atmosphere - Dingy, Lots of Atmospheric Perspective.

Introduction of the Main Character:
All of the characters in this piece contain a common goal; to find self happiness in their world of chaos. The main character, like the others, has lost his human form and cannot connect with it until he finds his purpose in life. This is a piece about becoming self

As this shadow man goes around discovering what he enjoys in this life he continues to

It is

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